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Originally from the North West region of Cameroon, FONYUY NSOBUNRIKA Leonard alias Mr Leo is a creative and dynamic afropop and afrofusion singer and songwriter,  born in 1990. 3rd of a family of 4 children. 

In 2007, he took his first steps in music by joining the “Breakthrough Voices” of Molyko. After a few years spent in this choir and in a few studios, he began a professional career under the mentorship of Salatiel with the label Apha Better Records which the latter Manages.

Revealed to the general public with his title “E Go Beta”, a story that tells the story of a young man who hopes for a better tomorrow for himself and his girlfriend, he touched the hearts of many young people who recognized themselves in him. This song propelled him to the top and made Mr. Leo the new nugget to watch out for.

To Mr. Leo, Music is Food for the soul; his music is therefore intended to nourish souls, ease pain and suffering for the listeners in order to be relieved as he himself has been through music. His love for music and his commitment to using it not only for entertainment, but also and most importantly to educate and empower young people and communities, has led him to not only a radical change in his musical genre and his
strategy, but also to the creation of a music label; Lionn Production in 2018 which serves as a platform to train young artists. The label in which evolved talents such as Kameni, and Gomez.


Mr. Leo is passionate and a lover of love; reason why his songs have always had a strong love coloring.
This however never stops him from being committed and from passing on life messages through his
compositions made in English, French, Pidgin and Lamnso his mother tongue.

Starting from urban music, the artist defines his music today as AfroFusion; music based on African rhythms and melodies but merging with contemporary musical styles to create new grooves with mixture of Njang, Samba, Chong rhythms from the Northwest, merged with Blues, Soul, Hip Hop, Western classical
music, etc

It is in this spirit that the artist’s new album Lion of Africa (Jeéy) is conceived

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